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It's Time To Make Things Happen

Introducing Sanki+, a cutting-edge online mentoring tool designed to help you build your business while improving your life through ongoing training and education. You have goals and we can help you achieve them.

Sanki Fit and Sanki Global Academies

Easy as 1-2-3

High Five Club

Getting Started-Sanki Fit

7 Essentials of Health

The Sanki Global Academy is exclusively available for our Wellness Advisors, or independent entrepreneurs. This
academy focuses on business building, networking, presentations and sales. Sign Up for FREE today!

The Sanki Fit Academy is available to both Wellness Advisors and guests. It gives you the education you need to
make healthy changes in your own life and coach others to do the same. Sign Up for FREE today!

Whether signing up as a Guest or a Wellness Advisor, with Sanki+ you can finally get the training you need to be a
successful and live your dreams!

You are 500% more likely to
succeed with a mentor.

The Sanki+ mentoring system is designed
to help you:

You have the passion inside you to be
successful, you just need a tool to focus your
energy. Break free from doubt, procrastination and distraction by joining Sanki+!

Training for Success

Our courses are designed to help you learn the skills you need for overall personal and professional development quickly
and effectively. Within these courses, each lesson progressively builds on the previous one and tests your knowledge to
make sure you are getting the most out of your training.

We want you to take control of your Sanki+ program, which is why we allow you to select your own courses. This helps you
focus your time and energy on learning the skills that will help you truly transform your life.

Sanki Plus encourages you to take
small steps in each lesson to move you
towards your goals.


Creating a Sanki+ account is FREE! Sign up and start your training today!